Online Marketing

Basic Concepts of Digital Marketing

There’s nothing wrong with not knowing, but there’s nothing wrong with not wanting to learn. We will teach you some of the terms that are common in digital marketing and it is essential to know There is no excuse!

The big problem, which has happened to more than one of us, is when they mention terms or concepts that one does not know, making you not understand and lose the opportunity to learn something new; this is really bad in a science like marketing. Here are some basic concepts in this science.

Digital Marketing

It is definitely the basic concept of this whole web world and everyone has an idea of what it is all about.

Digital marketing is the set of actions that one performs within the internet to achieve their goals or challenges, using social networks, or different platforms within the web. The boom for a brand!

Digital Branding

It’s the way people look at your brand on the internet, it’s the image you project uniformly on platforms like social networks. It’s the basis for an ideal digital strategy, the heart of digital marketing.

Digital Strategy

It is the reason on which all the actions of a brand within the web are based in order to achieve its goals. It usually results from the analysis of the entire digital environment embodied in a digital marketing plan.

This strategy affects everything from responding to a comment on social networks, such as Facebook, to redesigning and updating the entire website.

A digital marketing without a digital strategy is like hunting a bug with your eyes closed; you might succeed, but it was probably just luck.


It is your target audience, it is the set of people for whom your product or service is designed, people who will manage to satisfy their needs with the benefits you offer.

Your target must be satisfied by the strategy, otherwise your competition will take advantage of the situation. Remember that they are your reason for existing as a brand.


Known as organic search engine optimization, it is the place where you are found within the internet if a person searches for your brand or the services you offer; here the famous keywords are used.

Good SEO work in the medium and long term is cheaper than advertising, which is more consistent over time. There is never neglecting the work in this important SEO positioning.


This is the work based on the “Google Adwords” tool; the idea is similar to SEO, but to get you to appear in Google searches you pay for the ads on the platform.

Usually in every search they appear at the beginning of the page with a small sign indicating that it is advertising, a very fast and effective way to get traffic to your website.

Social Media Marketing

As defined by Wikipedia, it is the process of generating web traffic or attracting attention through social networks. It sounds simple, but it demands work, experience and above all a good digital strategy to make decisions and avoid transmitting a wrong idea.

Social networks are the new home of your target. You have to have a good presence in them.

Community Manager

This is the person in charge of social networks, who monitors them and performs the necessary analysis to provide the necessary adjustment to the strategy.

It is the direct contact of the brand with the people. A good performance of the Community Manager guarantees that the brand looks human, bringing as a benefit the affection of the clients (Lovemark).


It is the action of a potential client to provide you with data because of the interest they have in a product or content you provide; it is not a sale, but it is really a goal pass, a great filter for the brand’s sales force.

You can say that it is the result of good digital marketing; the more leads, the better!


It’s the target of all leads, the big buy. The conversion is to materialize all the digital work that was done in revenue for the company or brand. This is, and always will be, the favorite part of all investors.

The conversion is already a work of the sales area of the company, but it is the digital marketing that creates the opportunity to realize this through the leads.

These were some basic concepts that you should handle to understand all the articles that come out daily about this very interesting world of digital marketing.