Buy The Right bed

How do I choose the right bed? How do you coordinate your wishes with functionality and trends?

It is important to choose your bed linen carefully, as we spend a third of our screws while sleeping. Bed is also the king of the room. It is the intimate piece that must match with ourselves.

The bed is a durable piece of furniture – buying it is a sustainable investment. Here are some good information on where is the best place to buy mattress online for your ideal bedroom layout. If you need help choosing the mattress, click here. Our advice is to buy beds simultaneously and from the same supplier.


It must be understood that this is aesthetic furniture, which we like, but which should also be functional and comfortable. Good bed linen allows us to rest well and our muscles to recover well.

Be aware that it is not recommended to have a lot of furniture in the room. It is difficult to reach. At best, it is necessary to keep only the bed and the bedside tables in the bedroom. The bed should become the heart of the room.


As with a mattress, the length of the bed must be at least 15-20 cm longer than your height. Your feet should not hang and your head should not touch the headboard.

The height of the bed depends on your taste. Note, however, that you will get colder if the bed is close by. Getting up in the morning will also be difficult for those who are out of shape. Do not forget that the mattress gives your bed extra height.


Today it is possible to find beds in all styles and in different colors.

Round bed

The round shape makes this furniture a masterpiece. We recommend this style for young people because it is not very high – you have to be in shape to get up in the morning.

Wave bed

This model satisfies every taste. It is at once dynamic and dark, cheerful and sophisticated, contemporary and classic. They exist with curves that are more or less large and more or less frequent.

Note that this design does not apply to the mattress, which remains stable and does not bend.

Storage space

There are also models that feature a storage space under the box spring. Very practical and functional, it offers you the possibility to keep your bed linen at hand in the bed.

Cushioned bed care

The current trend is mostly upholstered beds. They are elegant and luxurious. Be careful with the upholstery material. Choose material that is easy to maintain, such as leather or imitation leather.

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