Thousands of followers on Instagram

Ninja techniques to win thousands of followers on Instagram
This post contains a lot of information, so I made a video with the tool that causes the most impact 🙂

Adding followers in any social network is one thing. Connecting with fans in a niche who are more likely to buy what you sell is another story.

Instagram has become one of the most important sales channels for ecommerce. The user base, appeal and visual appeal of the platform, combined with the excessive closeness and interaction that users show with the content, make it the perfect place to showcase your brand’s entire lifestyle, and to sell. In fact, on Instagram people interact at least 30% more than on Facebook or Twitter. In the case of Green Glass, it’s 5x.

As a psychopath and an ecommerce lover, I spend hours and days reading content, learning from the greats, and trying out techniques and dirty tricks to increase love and followership on Instagram.

All with one big purpose… to raise brand awareness, sell, and make all the glasses in the world a bottle!

I took all the tricks, apps, and techniques I’ve seen and left the best to you. I assure you that you’ll love it when you see your fans start to grow, as well as the sales for Instagram.

In this post you will learn:

-How to steal followers from your competitors
-How to get massive niche accounts advertised
-How to automate Instagram to gain hundreds of followers in a day
-How to make your posts perform better


First of all, let’s be clear which followers you’re going to focus on. Because you don’t want to waste time targeting people who don’t care, who are not cool, or who simply won’t buy what you’re selling. Be clear about who you’re after. What do you like? What doesn’t he like? What kind of pictures do you upload? What do Hastags use? Where are they located? What accounts do you follow? Answer those questions and we’ll adjust our strategy accordingly.

Finding your clients.

Here you have to work with logic and ask yourself questions. The best thing is to psychopath your client or simply ask him the questions directly. If you’re shy…

Let’s say you have a blog of mmmm Vegan Foods? Or maybe you sell Vegan Food. Then, uh…

Who would want to follow your blog or buy your Vegan Food?

Just think of one person… Juanito! That dude you noticed was more of a hippie and went vegan. He would actually follow your blog or buy that soy fajita you sell.

Okay, you’re Juanito. What’s a normal Johnny day like? Who does he hang out with, what pages does he visit, what music does he like? What food does he like? Where does he move around?

Juanito is becoming super hipster, he cares about ecology, that’s why he became a vegan. He is an architect, he likes to create, compose works, create spaces, consume local products, visit architecture and healthy food websites. Surely Juanito gets together with other guys like him.

And obviously he has Instagram, his friends probably too. And just like Juanito you will realize that there is a very similar set. How do we get to them? Let’s find Johnny on Instagram! Oh, he’s got a tab! And look… he’s got Followers and Followers. If we see his followers, will we find his friends? We probably will.

Who’s he following? Some brands that represent him… Eh… this is getting very interesting, psychopathic is entertaining. Look! Juanito uploads photos of his food and uses hashtags like #Crudivegano #Vegan and other hipsterias.


Your competitors have already sweated it out and risked their lives to get a loyal following. Let them keep doing the hard part. Now is when we can take advantage of their traction, and simply get their loyal followers, to show them something better… Us! The probability of following these people, and having them follow you back is potentially high, especially if you are related.

How to find the competition?

Surely you have some Instagram accounts in mind when you think of your competition, related accounts or referrals (you know better than I do who they are). But also, you can use this fancy search engine. It’s called Websta. And it serves to find popular accounts by searching for keywords or Hashtags. Once you follow an account, Instagram shows you 3 more related accounts. It’s a never-ending cycle, so there’s plenty of stuff there.

If we follow the example of the vegans. If we search for “Vegan” or “Vegan” on Websta. A list of the most used Hashtags (that you should use) and popular accounts will appear.

Kindly visit their page to know where to find free instagram likes.

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